Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

Better pics from 28mm Undead for Sonf of Blades & Heroes



As promised better pics.

Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)

Sonntag, 16. November 2014

28mm Undead for Song of Blades & Heroes

Hi Guys,
after of long,long time I found the time to show something I did the last months.
This time 28mm Undead Warband with a cursed Templar knights theme.

Lets start with the dead and cursed Templar knight Rainald de Chatillon. Damned for his action he suffers now a life as Undead ghost.

Next is something the Templar found under the Temple Mount. It wasn't the grail that was found it was something evil. Chained for ages the Templars released it not knowning that it was the Death himself.

The last is Sybilla, Queen of Jerusalem. Cursed by God for capitulate and consign Jerusalem after defeat of her husband Guido of Lusignan at the battle of Hattin.

Sorry for bad pics. I have to make new ones.

Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)