Sonntag, 14. November 2010

28mm Perry Crusaders

I rebased a knight element of my IV/19 Crusader army yesterday from my old to my new basing scheme. Take first a look to the old picture and compare it then with the new one. In my opinion the new scheme is more realistic. Hope you agree.
In Addition on the left of the second picture you can see an element of 1x3 Crossbows. I will use them as Venetian mercenary crossbows who supported the crusaders in the holy land against money and trade contracts. Pisean and Genoese Crossbows will be added in the future. Just as that i will add some shields to the crossbows as an forerunner of the pavise shields.On the shild i will try to paint the lion of Venice, Genoase red cross and the Pisean white cross. Hope you like it.

The three knights and the right crossbowmen are painted in my old style. the two crossbows on the left are painted in my new style.

Models by Perry Miniatures.

Comments, hints and critics are welcome :)

Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

On the Workbench

Today i had the first time the chance to paint since three or four days. I painted some 15mm Thracians, 28 mm Greek skirmishers and rebased some older Numidian light horse which still need some spears, while the Greeks need some shields.

Sorry the picture is a little bit fuzzy but i hope you can realise what is shown. I am too tired now to make a new one. The picture shows the current status of these bases. If they are painted i will have 15mm Thracian Auxilia and Psiloi base, a 28mm Light Horse, a 28mm Aux (both miniatures in the middle) and a 28mm Psiloi(on the left).

The Thracians are from Xyston, Greeks by Wargames Foundry and the Numidians are from Gripping Beast.
Hope you like it. Comments, Hints and critics are welcome :)

Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

English, please!

Not an update but a bigger change on my blog. A view on the flag counter gave me the advise to change the blog language from German into English. This will give more users the possibiliy to read my blog. I hope you agree.Sorry for my bad English. I try to improve myself post by post.

Comments, hints and critics are welcome :)

der Figurenschieber

Montag, 8. November 2010

High Elves Swordmaster & Ellyrian Reaver Horse

Für Zwischendurch: Ein Hochelfen Schwertmeister von Games Workshop, 28mm aus der Blood Island Box.
Die neuen Miniaturen sind sehr,sehr gut modelliert und haben enorm viele Details. Besonders sticht dabei die Seegarde hervor. In Planung ist eine 2500 Punkte Saphery Themenarmee mit drei Regimentern Schwertmeistern. Allerdings sind die Hochelfen nur ein Nebenprojekt. Der Hauptfokus liegt auf 25/28mm historischen Miniaturen :)
Die nächsten zwei Bilder zeigen das erste Pferd einer Einheit von 5 Ellyrischen Grenzreitern. Es fehlen noch Freehands.
Ich hoffe es gefällt. Kommentare, Lob und Kritik erwünscht :)