Freitag, 29. März 2013

Paladins & Heroes

In order to complete my HotT Bretonnian army I rebased an old model and finished another one by painting a shield.

Now the army is done consisting of 2xHero/Paladin, 1xMagician, 4xBlades, 4x Shooter, 3x Knights, 2xRiders... enough to get a nice & powerful army.

The heroes:

And the finished army:

I hope you like it. Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)

Dienstag, 26. März 2013

DBA 15mm Battlereport Pyrrhus invades Thrace

After finishing my new DBA battleboard i was absolutly keen on making an DBA game.

We played a scenario in which Pyrrhus started a conquest on southern Thrace. So the Thracians went defender and layed the terrain.

The deployment with Thracian angle of view:

On the left a bad going hill, on the right a swamp, on the right of Pyrrhic forces a bad going hill, the field on the left was easy going terrain.

Thracian deployment saw 3x3 Aux and 1x2 Psiloi on the left wing, in the centre 3x2 Lh with Gen in second rank, on the right wing 3x2 Aux and the Psiloi.

Pyrrhus decided to deploy a left wing with 2x2 Psiloi and 1x3 Aux and a big centre. From left to right 2x2 Lh, 2x2 Spears, 4x4 Pikes with Pyrrhus in the rear and the mighty Elli.

Taking initiative Pyrrhus gave the signal to march forward and the army advanced...

...Lacking pips the Thracians moved slowly on their right wing while the Pyrrhics marched fast forward! Then action in the Thracian centre. Their Light horse marched to the left wing and took a lurking position counterpart to the Greek light horse.

Pyrrhus saw an advantage an started an attack on the light horses but bis forces threw back and saw themselves attacked by Thracian light horses how killed on stand!

Missing high pips Pyrrhus saw his right wing in extrem danger and commanded his brave Italian spearmen on the wing! But not enough he felt the chance of tasting blood and rode on that wing too!
In the meantime the Thracian light horse surrounded the last light horse element and destroyed it!

It was time to take place to the action for mighty Pyrrhus and he and his brave knights rode in the light horse element while one of the Italians tried to Zoc.

But the Thracians hold!!! And they started an attack! An Auxilia stand attacked the spearmen,  alike the light horse Pyrrhus!

An overview of the battlefield.

Pyrrhus fought as a devil but the light horses forced his knight to repell and Pyrrhus get injured and fled of the field, guarded by some of his bodyguard. The Italians were also thrown back!

Bad start for Pyrrhus campaign in Thrace but he will return!

At least some battle impression:

Conclusion: Pay attention to light horse stands! Fast and deadly elements.

I hope you like it. Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)  

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

"Infantry - March!"

Many of you may know these guys already. I have posted them on my Impetus project some time ago. Now I rebased them for HotT as Blades and they will be a powerful addition.

I also rebased the flying witch for HotT as Magician stand...


... And the army so far...


I hope you like it. Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)