Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Basic Impetus Fantastikus Update II

Yesterday i found the time to make some pictures of the current status of my Basic Impetus Fantastikus Bretonnian army. Done are a bowmen and light cavalry element i made two weeks ago. This increased the counter on four elements.

The army will consist of what i find in my glass cabinet. The ongoing status is:

2xCP Knights -> 1/2
3xCL Yeomen -> 2/3
2xFP Helbardiers -> 0/2
1xFP Knights on foot -> 0/1
2xT Longbowmen -> 1/2
1xS Robin Hoods gang -> 0/1
1xM Giant -> 0/1
3xHero Mounted and on foot -> 0/3
3xMagician & Witches -> 0/3
1xAerial Hero on Pegasus -> 0/1

Well a lot to do but my advantage is that i painted most of these miniatures more than 8 years ago. So i have to rebase them only. Here are the next two bases beginnig with the light cavalry:

The stone with the fleur-de-lýs symbol shall display a bretonnian shrine on a pilgrim rout. On the ground some pilgrims layed alms for safe journey. The right yeomen is watching to shrine and the alm in order to find something useful.
As you can see i have to add the ponytail. They broke some years ago.

The second element is bowmen unit. Led by a chap the unit is in combat firing a charge of arrows to the enemy. I need to add a banner to the champs right hand.

At least an overview:

Next will be a second element of bowmen and the first element of helbardiers. So stay tuned.

I hope you like it. Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)


Inkub hat gesagt…

Very nice and full of character. I especially like unit of light cavalrymen. Great minidiorama.

sebastosfig hat gesagt…

Wow,that's impressive

Figurenschieber hat gesagt…

Thank you folks :)

Rusus hat gesagt…

Sehr schick. Der Stil der Bäume passt wunderbar zu den Figuren. Und die sind auch sehr klasse bemalt. Finde auch prima, dass Du sehr viel Landschaft mit auf die Bases packst.

Figurenschieber hat gesagt…

Hi Rusus,
vielen dank. Freut mich sehr dass die Figuren und die Bäume gefallen :)