Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

DBA 15mm Thracians current status

My short term project at the moment is 15mm DBA Thracian army. Its a nice army which consists of: 1x3 Cav (Gen), 6x3 Aux, 2x2 Ps, 3x2 Lh or 3 Ax. With this army you need a lot of terrain i guess therewith the Auxilia can resist against hard hitters (Bd, Elli etc.). Six Aux are enough so i will take the 3 Lh as a Getai ally. The Lh will give my the opportunity to charge everywhere on table/ where i can find enemies weakest point or allure enemies cavalry into terrain/away. Miniatures will come from Xyston who have the best Thracian models in my opinion. I will use them on the DBA 15mm tournament in Ulm at march the 26th so i have to hurry a little bit.

The current status of the project:

1x3 Aux, 1x2 Ps painted, part painted are 1x2 Lh, 1x3 Aux and 1x2 Lh who cannot be seen on the photo. The first picture shows an overview.

The second shows an auxilia closeup

Spears will be added when all elements are done.

Hope you like it. Comments, Hints and critics are welcome :)

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Design change & The new project categories

On the one hand i have my short projects which i plan to complete this year ( see the post below) but on the other hand i have some goals which will need more time then finishing them in a year. These are my longterm projects.
I have several of these:
  • Warhammer Fantasy High Elf army 2500 Points
  • Fields of Glory 15mm Alexandrian Macedonian 600 Points
  • DBA 25mm ALL OPTION armies Early Germans II/47, Later Carthaginian II/32, Scythians I/43
  • Upgrade my 25mm DBA Seleucid army to FOG 600 army
I will work on these projects whenever i find some minutes, but the short projects will have priority!

Anyway, i changed the layout. In my opinion it looks better now. What do you think?

I also added some new categories:

"Completed projects". This category links you directly to my ready made armies.
"Long term projects". Take a look up
"Short term projects" This category shows my goals for current year.

Hope you like it. Feel free to add comments & critics.

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

A new year..

Late but not too late ( i hope..) i start my wargame year 2011. Because of making my final exam at the university i will not have as much time as i wished to have for my miniatures. So what are my wargame plans/ short term projects for 2011:

- finishing my DBA Ancient Thracian army
- making some terrain for them
- rebasing some older painted elements
- painting some more elements for my DBA 28mm Seleucids .. in order to use them for FOG/DBMM in the future?... maybe
- buying no new figs!!!

I wish you, dear readers, a happy new year 2011.

We will see which tabletop goals i will reach :)