Freitag, 29. April 2011

Basic Impetus Fantastikus Update

A small update. The first base is nearly done. Its an element CP Heavy Cavalry.The last rider and flag bearer´s arm must be painted. Maybe i need some gras or reed for the border of the riverbed. What do you think? Please do not pay so much attention to the painting because i painted the figs more then ten years ago and i would paint them different today.

I tried Vallejo Water Effects first time on a bigger surface. HETAIROI WARGAMES wrote a nice tutorial about how to use. But my experiences do not correspont with his. My river needed more than three weeks until he was totally dry!!! So be careful - its not as easy as he says!!

Next one is an element of CL Light Cavalry. Its very WIP.

Hope you like it. Comments, critics and hints are welcome ;)

Sonntag, 17. April 2011

Basic Impetus Fantastikus

Some days ago i found the ruleset of Basic Impetus. The rules are okay but not more and i decided to lay them apart. But now i found the Fantasy rules which allow you to create elements/unit with special abilities. In my opinion these rules are superb because i ever wanted a balanced system with the ability to create my own army.

So i stepped down in my hobby room, looked in my glas cabinet and found some GW Bretonnians i painted ten years ago with a thick layer of dust. They will have a new use.

You see two elements of bows (T), knights (CP), unmounted knights (FP)and helbardiers (FP). In addition i will take three elements of light cavalry (CL), one more helbardier (FP) a giant (monster), aerial hero, some wizards and mounted heroes and flyers!

You can download the rules for free and you need the basic impetus ruleset, the fantasy ruleset and the point system ruleset (in order to create troops). Download the here: dadiepiombo
and here: impetus-tabletopregeln-und-varianten-fuer-fantasy

Happy reading!

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Basing Tutorial completed!

I completed the basing tutorial which i begun some time ago.

You can read it here:

Just scroll down until PART II beginns.

I hope you have fun and can take some inspiration.

Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)