Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

On the Workbench

Today i had the first time the chance to paint since three or four days. I painted some 15mm Thracians, 28 mm Greek skirmishers and rebased some older Numidian light horse which still need some spears, while the Greeks need some shields.

Sorry the picture is a little bit fuzzy but i hope you can realise what is shown. I am too tired now to make a new one. The picture shows the current status of these bases. If they are painted i will have 15mm Thracian Auxilia and Psiloi base, a 28mm Light Horse, a 28mm Aux (both miniatures in the middle) and a 28mm Psiloi(on the left).

The Thracians are from Xyston, Greeks by Wargames Foundry and the Numidians are from Gripping Beast.
Hope you like it. Comments, Hints and critics are welcome :)

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