Dienstag, 2. April 2013

28mm Cretan archers and Agrianians for DBA & Impetus

Over the easter days I have found the time to read the Impetus rulebook. Nice stuff and some good ideas.

I decided to start an army - of course successors :) But which one I am not sure. So I begun painting stands that I can use for different successors and for my favourite game DBA too.

Units every army needs are skirmishers. I took a look in my glass cabinet and found two stands of Cretans in my 28mm DBA Seleucid army. I found also two stand of Greek Javeliners, half painted.

Okay got the basics and go!

Here they are, shields will be added in the future!

 In the background the older stands, in front the new stands. They build 4x2 Ps for DBA and 2 units of Cretan archers in Impetus!

 And the Agrianians in the front. They count in DBA as 2x2 Ps too. And some more pics...

I hope you like it. Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)


Phil hat gesagt…

Very impressive! I love this stunning work , and the great bases too!

Alex Mayer hat gesagt…

very nice painting! and the bases are more than stunning! wow!

Figurenschieber hat gesagt…

Great to see you like it! Thanks for kind words!