Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

HotT 15mm Swamp Goblin army complete

It`s done: my Hordes of the Things 15mm Swamp Goblin army! The army consists of the following stands: 1xMagician ("Evil Hypnotoad" frog) 1xGod ("The blue Thing from the swamp") 2xBehemoth ("incredible OLK and his blue brother") 1xAerial Hero ("King of the Goblins" on giant bat) 4xHordes 1xBlades General 3xShooters 2xBeasts The complete army:
and the last stands: the stronghold!
and the aerial hero on giant bat:
Maybe future additions are a lurker stand with tiny goblins throwing some nets and a stand of flyers (second giant bat). I hope you enjoyed following the rise of this army. Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)


fireymonkeyboy hat gesagt…

Fantastic. The whole thing is just overloaded with detail.

Figurenschieber hat gesagt…

Thanks :)

Maxamillian Walker hat gesagt…

Really love the bases, just excellent!

Monty hat gesagt…

Wonderful! Your basing and painting is a treat to look at.

toma hat gesagt…

Great stuff.

JTW hat gesagt…

Wow, really gorgeous work! I love the scenic effects, and the hair on the bat is a great touch. Really beautiful stuff. - James

Thomas hat gesagt…

Simply outstanding!!!

Figurenschieber hat gesagt…

Wow, thank you all for your nice comments.

Deserter hat gesagt…

I love these - especially the evil toad, the lizards and the stronghold. The aerial hero is great too! I really fancy making a similar force now! I've yet to paint any 15mm fantasy figures but I love that you've mixed 28mm miniatures in for the lizards and the aerial hero.
The scenic bases are very good too.

Figurenschieber hat gesagt…

Thanks for nice comment Sir.

Yes, mixing 15mm and 28mm together works fine and increases your model range enormous. While every 15mm Fig is a gnome in 28mm, is every 28mm model in 15mm a giant or huge monster or animal.