Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Back from the DBA 15mm Tournament at Ulm...

Back from the DBA 15mm Tournament at Ulm first i have to say: BIG BIG thank you Norbert for the excellent location, organisation and hospitality. The 15mm march tournament is always a pleasure to be at. Like the last year there came 18 peoples from Swiss, Germany and Great Britain (who live in G.)!

The atmosphere was very friendly and we heared a lot of broad laughter and victory screams ;)

I started with my Thracians and i have enjoyed playing them. If you are interested in following my battles at the tournament please feel free to visit the battlereport i wrote here:

My Thracians also shared the "BEST PAINTED ARMY AWARD" with SirTobi's beautiful French Ordonnance IV/82a army, which can be seen here:


Thanks for all your votes! You made me very proud!

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